I have to admit, line dancing is my first passion. However, I didn't get the title

DanceMonster for dancing just that one form of dance, though.

It was on a dare that I started dancing... as an adult.

A friend dared me to go to the original Saddle Rack in San Jose, now in Fremont, CA. 

I didn't even like Country music back then!

Upon entering I was blown away.

A huge club that had 3 dance floors! One for line, one for couples and a third,

smaller one in the back that was an "anything goes floor." 

I was intimidated in this festive atmosphere, but determined to go back, 

it was so much fun during my debut night of line dancing. 

I started becoming more comfortable over time after getting to know 

other dancers and becoming a "regular."

One night I had an initial whirl around the couples dance floor doing the Country Two Step

(An exilarating "speedway" type dance) and knew I was hooked.

Then came all the country couples dance staples like: 

Cowboy Cha Cha, the Horseshoe, the Drifter, Wooden Nickel and my very first 

country couples dance... the Schottische.

New friends introduced me to other clubs and dance studios where you could take

group lessons in Two Step and West Coast Swing. Before you knew it, 

I was doing my first ProAm competition in those two dances at the famous 

Frezno Dance Classic and other state competitions in the UCWDC.

(United Country Western Dance Council)

During this time, I also discovered Hustle dancing, Salsa and added more dances to my competition repertoire, 

like:  Nightclub Two Step, Waltz, West Coast Swing, Cha Cha and East Coast Swing. 

I continued taking lessons and competed with 3 very different, yet all very talented dance partners over six years.

Thank you, guys!

I believe my last partner and I worked our way up to the start of Division 1 competition.


I continued to social dance in West Coast Swing, Country and added some Ballroom, 

with line dance remaining a constant. It was then that a teaching opportunity presented

itself at a studio in Sunnyvale, followed by another studio in Campbell and then the

Rodeo Club in San Jose. When the Rodeo Cub nights ended after four years,

the Saddle Rack was a natural progression.

During this time, I met my spouse (and future dance partner, Al) 

at a Salsa convention in Oakland. 

Together we continued Salsa and danced on an awesome Lindy performance team called 

“The Hot Bloods” at CCSF. (City College of San Francisco)


Currently, Al and I are on a fantastic Ballroom performance team 

(The Blitz Dancers) at the Just Dance Ballroom in Oakland.

I have/had an amazing time performing and developing camaraderie with fellow dancers.

I'm also very fortunate to have a spouse that loves dancing as much as I do.

Many wonderful people have helped me along the way and still do. 

Dancing has brought a lot of joy to my life that I couldn't imagine being without now. 

It's allowed me to have such different experiences through competing/teaching and 

has brought me into contact with wonderful people

I otherwise may have never met! (best friends/forever friends/husband)

Secret... Dance is a form of exercise that never feels like work!

Dance will also keep you healthy both mentally and physically. 

Reach out to me through the contact page on this site.

Or... you can drop by the Sunnyvale Moose Lodge on Tuesdays or check the calendar when I

teach next around the Bay Area.

I'm available for private and group lessons and continue to instruct at different types of events

around our beautiful NorCal area.

Keep dancing everyone! It’s never too late to start. 

Meet you on the dance floor.

Heide Dee :)