Hi, there. My name is Heide Dee.

DanceMonster is a nickname a good friend gave me, (Kenny) when he probably noticed I was dancing to anything and everything all the time. Lol.

What does it mean to you?

Well... If you've caught the dance bug and can't stop yourself from moving to any kind of music, you are pretty much a DanceMonster, already.

It's okay... there is a cure.

    Come on and join us dancing at one of the                   listed venues. Your experience level                 doesn't matter.

Everyone has to start somewhere and the sooner you begin, the more fun you can start having.

       FUN is the optimum word at my classes,             the steps will become easier over time,

                but perfection is not expected.              

How far you take your dance is up to you.

What I can offer you is a relaxed, friendly learning environment, where lasting friendships 

are known to happen. 

Meet you on the dance floor!